“Beyond the immense windows of the school, there were interested and examining looks of students and I could feel how excited they were.”

This was the first thought of Florian Wick from Austria when he was speaking about his visit to Aygehovit village secondary school of Tavush province.

He and his friends were happy to have an opportunity to be in one of the schools in Armenian village because they could make comparisons all along the way and find out for themselves that thousands of miles away from Austria, in some village, even in the small and uncomfortable classrooms there are young people just like them having a great desire to learn and despite their lack of opportunities they are not afraid to express their thoughts and make their dreams come true.

Moreover, realizing the exigencies of our digital era and the importance of media literacy, many of them had a big motivation to develop their media literacy skills also using them to enlighten community issues and monitoring the solution processes.

This study visit was organized in the framework of Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Be updated Not Misled” hosted by UniGrowth Development Center NGO which took place between 06.07-14.07.2018. The project was coordinated by Association for Promotion Creative-Eco Education and Innovative Abilities and it was granted by Romanian National Agency for Erasmus+ Program.

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